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Elections to the Scottish Youth Parliament take place in odd years (2009, 2011 etc), so the most recent elections took place in March of last year, with over 85,000 votes cast across Scotland!

We've recently created an independent Commission ( to look at how our elections will run in future.  The Commission will be reporting back with its recommendations in late Summer 2012.  Only after this process has been completed will we turn our attention to the next set of elections, scheduled for 2013.  

The Scottish Youth Parliament works through partnerships with Local Authorities and we will soon be contacting them to discuss next steps, but until 2013 the only opportunity to be elected as an MSYP would be if a by-election was called if an MSYP resigns.    To find out more about the specific circumstances in your area, email for details of your local contact.

Twenty-nine of Scotland's Local Authorities currently support MSYPs - if you live in one of these 29 areas, you can find your local MSYPs by clicking here.  Clackmannanshire, Eilean Siar (Western Isles) and West Dunbartonshire Local Authorities are not currently involved with SYP, but we hope to have them on board for the 2013 elections and beyond.

Regardless of where you live in Scotland, this doesn’t mean that you can’t be involved in our work in the meantime – there’re loads of opportunities to participate in consultations and even get involved at a local level.  Make sure you find out about opportunities through SYP by connecting to our social media channels at and