SYP ‘Very Disappointed at Delay on Equal Marriage’

The Scottish Youth Parliament today, Tuesday 17th July 2012 expressed their disappointment on behalf of Scotland’s young people at the Scottish Government’s decision to further delay their announcement on Equal Marriage.

The Scottish Government consultation on same-sex marriage closed on the 9th of December 2011, the Scottish Government had previously indicated there would be an announcement in March, June and the tenth of July before today’s further delay.

Grant Costello MSYP, Scottish Youth Parliament Chair says:
“It’s very disappointing the Scottish Government has once again delayed the decision to publish the consultation results, and reveal their own plans for Equal Marriage. It’s time to halt the hold-ups, end the delays, and put a stop to the speculation. Scotland’s young people have made their view clear, they deserve an answer from Scotland’s Government.

“Let’s be clear, now is the time for Equal Marriage. A majority of MSPs are in favour. A majority of Scots, and an overwhelming majority of Scotland’s youth, support Equal Marriage. It’s time for the Scottish Government to stop the dither and delay, to listen to the clear message being sent by Scotland’s young people, and to make Equal Marriage a reality for Scotland.”

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