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Aye Naw Mibbe – Residential Training Weekend

Thursday, April 10th, 2014

Aye-Naw-Mibbe-Logo-twiiter (2)

This weekend (Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th April) the newly recruited SYPeers and the Aye Naw Mibbe Participation Champions will be taking part in a residential training weekend where the new peer educators will learn about SYP, and develop skills in communication and campaigning. The weekend is an opportunity for volunteers to familiarise themselves with their role of championing the work of the Aye Naw Mibbe project in local communities. It is an opportunity for them to think about how to engage other young people in the voting process, and also to learn all about voter registration. We have a fun-filled and educational weekend ahead for all SYPeers and Participation Champions!

Check out what some of the MSYPs who will be attending had to say ahead of this weekends events.

Rachael McCully MSYP for East Kilbride:

“As MSYPs we are a voice for all young people across Scotland, but we also seek to empower them to use their own voice and voting is just one way we can do this. Becoming a Participation Champion will enable us to lead on our youth friendly voter engagement project, Aye Naw Mibbe. It is a fantastic opportunity to ensure young people are properly informed and can learn more about the voting process and how it affects them, and so I was delighted to have the chance to chair this group. This weekend marks the peer educator residential training, where the Participation Champions including myself, peer educators and staff will be discussing voter engagement and working to build and further shape our already successful new project, Aye Naw Mibbe. I’m looking forward to taking part and adding to this weekend’s activities and become closer with all the group. I hope we can come away with a strong foundation from which we can further engage and promote young voter engagement across Scotland.”

Terri Smith MSYP for Edinburgh and Northern Leith:

“I’m really looking forward to getting stuck into my role as a Participation Champion. The next few years are going to be exciting in terms of the democratic opportunities arising for the young people of Scotland. This weekend I am hoping to learn the importance of registering to vote and I’m looking forward to meeting the new SYPeers and working with the other participation champions”

Nicola Pringle MSYP for Midlothian South, Lauderdale and Tweedale:

“I am extremely excited for the residential weekend! It will be a brilliant opportunity to meet with the SYPeers and develop a relationship with so we can work together in the future. It’s also a wonderful opportunity to outline what our key aims are for the project. I can’t wait to meet with the other Participation Champions so we can all combine our ideas, as there seems to be plenty! This weekend will give us a chance to work together and put together a campaign which will not only attract young voters, but inform them. Excitement is an understatement!”

Do you have questions about voting and why your vote is so important? Do you feel informed and confident about how to register to vote? Get involved and share your views using #AyeNawMibbe.

Jordan Linden MSYP – Care.Fair.Share. Friday Focus – Our Local Campaign Launch

Friday, April 4th, 2014

The Scottish Youth Parliament’s National Campaign, Care.Fair.Share., is named after three simple words that carry a different story for each of Scotland’s 100, 000 young carers.

Young carers annually save the Scottish Government an estimated £1.6 billion pounds through their caring roles.

Yet the demands of education, jobs, personal relationships, and caring can end up leaving these young people exhausted, anxious, and depressed. With a lack of finance and time, they aren’t able to enjoy leisure time like other young people do.

Our campaign seeks to increase the levels of financial support for young carers across Scotland and includes aims to work with Transport Scotland to achieve discounted travel for young carers to help ease their situation.

In North Lanarkshire,IMG_0438 we are working to promote the campaign and we have just had our Local Authority wide launch of the campaign.

We were privileged to launch our campaign whilst being joined by MSPs, MPs, Councillors, and Executive Officers from North Lanarkshire Council. We were also highly appreciative to have representatives from Action for Children – the Lanarkshire Young Carers Group, representatives from North Lanarkshire Youth Council, and the six partner Youth Forums to celebrate the campaign kicking off here in North Lanarkshire.

The launch event began with a formal welcome from Elaine Smith MSP, Deputy Presiding Officer of the Scottish Parliament and MSP for Coatbridge and Chryston. Following this, Lauren King, MSYP for Motherwell and Wishaw, welcomed attendees and expressed her determination to make a difference for Scotland’s young carers, as the lead campaigner for Care.Fair.Share.

We then enjoyed an icebreaker of Human Bingo, with questions relating to the lives of Young Carers.

This was followed by the Scottish Youth Parliament’s Care. Fair. Share. Campaign Video which you can watch here.

This was followed by an interactive game called “In Their Shoes” which all guests participated in. This game visually demonstrated the barriers that young carers can face as a result of their caring roles. This activity set the tone for the rest of the evening’s discussions.

Afterwards, North Lanarkshire’s MSYPs made individual campaign pledges in the presence of the invited guests to highlight their personal commitment and determination to improve the standard of living for Scotland’s young carers.

The evening ended with refreshments and the opportunity for youth forums, young carers, youth council representatives, as well as invited elected officials to sign our Care.Fair.Share. pledge boards to highlight their support for the campaign.

Speaking about the campaign at the event Coatbridge and Chryston MSP, Elaine Smith MSP said the following:

“The issue of young carers has always been one of interest to me. Therefore, the opportunity to speak and even attend an event organised by the Members of the Scottish Youth Parliament for North Lanarkshire was fantastic. I am inspired by the work of young carers and I am inspired by the work of North Lanarkshire’s MSYPs. Seeing them fighting for the future for young people in North Lanarkshire and Scotland as a whole is incredible.

I’d like to thank them for giving me the opportunity to participate and allowing me to fully support the aims of the Care. Fair. Share Campaign”

In addition, North Lanarkshire Young Carers expressed her views on the campaign and the North Lanarkshire launch event:

“We as young carers are glad that there is a fight for young carers here in North Lanarkshire so that we too have the same equal rights and to be noticed as a priority to communities as well as to Government.

We thank the Scottish Youth Parliament and in particular the North Lanarkshire MSYPs for fighting and organising this campaign!”

Speaking about the success of the launch, Lead Campaigner and Motherwell and Wishaw MSYP, Lauren King said:

“The launch of Care.Fair.Share. in North Lanarkshire was a great success; after launching the national campaign in Edinburgh, it seems fitting to launch the campaign from my own local authority. The individual and collective work of MSYPs in North Lanarkshire, and across Scotland, is vital to the success of the campaign, to ensure that SYP defend and extend the welfare and well-being of young carers the length and breadth of Scotland.”

To conclude, it is evident that there is not only local support for the campaign but there is political support also. With the Scottish Government’s ongoing carers consultation and the increasing support for the Care.Fair.Share. campaign, it is clear that we have an opportunity to shape the future for Scotland’s young carers and ensure significant and lasting improvements to their standard of living.

I believe that the work the Scottish Youth Parliament is doing through the passion, drive, and determination of the inspirational MSYPs will once again deliver for the young people of Scotland.

My Experience as a SYPeer – Ehsan Salim

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014

For me, becoming a SYPeer was a brilliant decision. Initially I was not completely sure what my role was or how I would carry it out. But with the help of the SYP staff and the excellent training they provided, I was well on my way before I knew it.

Within the first few weeks I made new friends, created new contacts and picked up new skills, all of which later proved essential to my role. At the training day in Edinburgh, not only did we go through the essential aspects of being a SYPeer, but we also had a fantastic time. The staff go out of their way to ensure that the volunteers (that’s us) have fun as well as learn.

As my time with the group progressed I became more confident. I started to take on bigger challenges, speak in front of larger audiences, and deliver better sessions. During my first session delivery I froze. It was extremely embarrassing. But thanks to the SYPeer guidance I was able to learn from the experience rather than allowing it to deter me. I become better prepared and organised for future sessions. Had it not been for this guidance I may have still been hesitant to speak in front of groups.

Not only have I had the chance to develop and deliver sessions, but I have also had the opportunity to mentor new SYPeers through their first steps. It is an amazing feeling. Helping them has given me the chance to assist in developing their skills, as well as expand my own. During my first two weeks with the new SYPeers we decided to take on the massive challenge of delivering sessions and presentations to over 1000 young people. Everyone gave it one hundred percent and without jeopardising our studies, we succeeded in our aim.

Being a SYPeer does require hard work, effort, and time. I can say with certainty that it is a very worthwhile experience. Knowing that I have made a difference to so many young people is tremendously gratifying. It is an experience that I would definitely recommend.

Everything that you learn and experience does not just stop at being a SYPeer; the skills you pick up, the friends you make go on to being a part of your life far beyond the organisation. I feel incredibly lucky to have had this opportunity. I know that when I leave the SYPeers, whenever that may be, I will leave a more confident, extrovert and responsible individual (but hopefully it will be a while before I get to that stage).

Check out the current opportunities to join the SYPeer Programme here.

Aye, Naw, Mibbe – Blog Post from Kris Chapman MSYP

Thursday, March 27th, 2014

Aye, Naw, Mibbe

#Registered #Engaged and #Informed

Aye-Naw-Mibbe-Logo-twiiter (2)In the next four years there will be an election every year in Scotland, a European election, a Westminster election, a Scottish Parliament election, our local government elections and of course, the referendum; defining the constitutional future of Scotland. The election cycle has begun. Political parties will be chapping at our doors, debating on our TVs and highlighting their vision for Scotland’s future. So what better time than to launch our young persons voter engagement project, Aye, Naw, Mibbe?

In previous elections,  the percentage turn out of young voters aged 18 – 25 has tended to be low. Yet the policies of our Governments can have a huge impact on the everyday lives of our next generation. Our Government have the power to change our education system, set funding that comes into our local communities, and determine what age we are allowed drive. That is why we, the democratically elected young people of Scotland in the Scottish Youth Parliament, have decided enough is enough and it is time to change.

Aye, Naw, Mibbe, is a youth led voter engagement project. Made by young people for young people. Over the next few months and years, in the run up to the respective elections, members of the Scottish Youth Parliament from Shetland to Selkirk, Argyll to Aberdeen, Caithness to Comrie, will lead on a peer to peer project to #Register #Engage and #Inform 18 – 25 year olds about the importance of voting and the difference it makes, not only national but locally in their communities.

The Scottish Youth Parliament is proof of this, over the past 15 years we have been at the forefront in setting the political agenda for young people in Scotland. In 2010 64,000 young people responded to our ‘Change the Picture’ manifesto consultation, the biggest response to any survey of its kind.  Working from this document, the members of the Scottish Youth Parliament have helped bring about votes at 16, equal marriage, and a change in government policy on a living wage. Most recently we have stood up for the most vulnerable in society with our Care.Fair.Share campaign supporting young carers to receive the support they deserve. We now have a motion going through the Scottish Parliament supporting our campaign.

We have achieved all this whilst lobbying the Scottish Government on the sidelines, but just imagine the effect we would as young people have if all of the approximated 575,000 18 – 25 year olds voted in the elections. We could set the political agenda before our campaigns have even begun.

Aye, Naw, Mibbe is youth led project and will continue to evolve, providing the information you need, on your terms. The online hub is your space to pose questions, share ideas and access impartial information on politics and registering to vote.  The hub will respond to queries, debates and FAQs to ensure you have all the details you need, when you want them.

So what are you waiting for? Get involved in the project!

•     Why not run an event or hustings in your area, encourage other young people to get involved in the debate?

•     Host an interactive session on what voting and politics means for young people in your area using the Aye Naw Mibbe toolkit.

•     Send us your questions

•     Write a blog about how you are feeling about voting in 2014

All the information you will need to get involved is included in Aye Naw Mibbe hub which you can see here – Get in touch and let us know what you need to get started!

Looking Forward to #SYP53

Tuesday, March 18th, 2014

Key Moments Since SYP52

With only a few days left to go until the Scottish Youth Parliament’s 53rd National Sitting, MSYPs from across Scotland are making last minute preparations for what is set to be a great weekend in Stirling and Clackmannanshire.

Since the last National Sitting in October 2013, a lot has happened.

The Audio Europa competition ran and the winner was announced in December. Following this, a number of MSYPs have been involved in various prize events this year, ranging from visits to the European and External Affairs Committee to meeting with Members of the European Parliament. MSYPs have attended numerous conferences and events where they have represented the voice of young people from across Scotland.

Care.Fair.Share. was launched in January this year and MSYPs have been campaigning with great enthusiasm and energy to make a difference for Scotland’s young carers.

The Scottish Youth Parliament’s young voter engagement project, Aye Naw Mibbe, is now underway. The project aims to remove barriers to voter engagement by ensuring young people have access to sources of robust and impartial information.

Another great success of 2014 was the historic decision made by the Scottish Parliament to legalise same-sex marriage in Scotland. In support of Love Equally, MSYPs campaigned throughout Scotland to make marriage equality a reality, and on the 4th of February 2014 Scotland’s call for equality was heard loud and clear as MSPs voted by 105 to 18 in favour of the Marriage and Civil Partnership (Scotland) Bill.

These are just some of the fantastic key moments and successes which have happened over the last few months. SYP53 will be a great opportunity for MSYPs across Scotland to come together and share further success stories and discuss how the Scottish Youth Parliament can continue to contribute to historical and critical moments which shape the future of our society.

Why MSYPs are looking forward to SYP53

Speaking ahead of the weekend Kyle Thornton, SYP Chair, said:

“SYP’s National Sitting is a fantastic opportunity for elected young people from across Scotland to come together. We’ll be debating issues of importance to Scotland’s young people in a way that is both professional and fun and youth friendly, as well as developing our campaign work. The two days are hard work, but everyone goes away ready to go back to their local area and work hard to make a difference for other young people.”

Anna Goodfellow, MSYP for Stirling, is very exciting to be welcoming her fellow MSYPs to her hometown for the Sitting this weekend. Anna said:

“It’s great to be holding the 53rd Scottish Youth Parliament Sitting in the constituency of Stirling, which I am proud to represent. We share the hosting of the Sitting with the Dunblane and Clackmannanshire constituency, so to have the sitting in the Forth Valley area is fantastic. Chris Wood, my fellow elected candidate for Stirling, and myself have been greatly looking forward to welcoming the MSYPs from all around Scotland to our city, once classed as ‘The Gateway to the Highlands’.

“It is also very exciting to have the Sitting in Stirling as it is the 700th anniversary of the Battle of Bannockburn. The site of which is only ten minutes from St Modan’s High School.

“For a lot of MSYPs, this weekend will be their first SYP Awards. I know that therefore amongst all of the preparation for the discussions, debates, and forward planning, the vital issue of whether to wear heels or no heels is already being widely discussed.

“Stirling Management Centre will be co-hosting the event. It will be fantastic to see the hard work of our MSYPs being recognised. I sincerely hope all attendants enjoy their time at the Sitting and in the city of Stirling”

Share why you are looking forward to SYP53 with your fellow MSYPs. You can get involved in the online discussion using #SYP53.

The countdown is on.

Ellena Leslie MSYP – Care.Fair.Share. Friday Focus

Friday, February 28th, 2014

Ellena Leslie MSYP pledge board supportChildhood is something most of us take for granted. However, childhood is something that many young carers have to give up in order to care for their loved ones. It astonishes me that some children don’t have the opportunity to be a child; to be a carefree child and enjoy a childhood with limited worries or responsibilities.

The Care Fair.Share. campaign is a fantastic opportunity for young people to receive that help and support that they truly deserve.

On Sunday the 23rd February, I was invited along a Young Carers event in my constituency held by Connecting Carers. The intention of the day was to give young carers a break and to take a step back from the selfless responsibilities which they take on. It was a chance to relax and to enjoy the day. The event was held at Eden Court, a large multi-use theatre in the heart of Inverness.

There were three workshops which ran throughout the day. Each of these provided a chance for the young people to have a taste of different activities related to theatre and theatre production.  I danced, acted, filmed, and made music with the other young people in attendance. We had the opportunity to use and act in front of a green screen and so my group tried acting out some really fun scenes such as a 70’s disco, a zombie chase, and a weather report. It was great fun! There was even a drop-in horror makeup taster. It was amazing- I saw people with black eyes and a very realistic shard of glass in someone’s hand! They used wax and paint to create a very convincing battle wound. It was like being backstage for the production of a horror movie!

Overall, it was a fabulous day, which I know everyone enjoyed, myself included. It was lovely to be able to see these young carers able to relax, and enjoy themselves. I had the chance to talk to them and chat about their lives. I don’t know what I expected but, the work these young people do is amazing, and they deserve a great deal of recognition for what they do.

I have been raising awareness about the SYP’s campaign and after meeting with the young carers who attended this event, I have a much greater appreciation of exactly how much these young people need a helping hand; they need to be acknowledged. This campaign is a fantastic opportunity to make positive changes that these young people truly deserve.

I would like to encourage everyone to pledge their support to the Care.Fair.Share. campaign and help raise awareness about the hard work and responsibilities these young people are taking on. You can pledge your support by joining the campaign Thunderclap here.

Terri Smith MSYP- Care.Fair.Share. Friday Focus

Friday, February 21st, 2014

Banner-Signed Final

As a MSYP for Edinburgh and Northern Leith, I am once again incredibly proud to be supporting and promoting another fantastic Scottish Youth Parliament campaign. There are an estimated 100,000 young carers in Scotland who all do a remarkable job caring for the needs of their loved ones. Many of these young people are selflessly helping others without a thought for themselves.

I personally did not know much about young carers, or the significant number of young people in Scotland who have caring responsibilities, until Lauren King MSYP presented the young carers motion to the Scottish Youth Parliament in 2011/12. I now feel a real sense of pride that, as a youth-led organisation, the SYP have chosen Care.Fair.Share. as their national campaign for 2014. This campaign champions these young people and awareness of the need for more help for many of Scotland unsung heroes.

Since the launch of the campaign in January, my main focus has been to secure the support of my local councillors and MSPs. I have written to every Councillor from The City of Edinburgh Council, urging them to support fairer financial policies and practices for young carers. The response I have received so far has been unanimous in support of the campaign. I have been invited to present the main objectives of Care.Fair.Share. to both the Labour and the SNP members of the council. I have also been given the opportunity to meet with Edinburgh’s carers champion and Vice Convenor of Education, Children and Families. This is a great opportunity for me to try and directly influence the decision makers on a local level. Given the written correspondence I have received, I firmly believe that locally I can work with the Council, encouraging and supporting them to deliver the main priorities of the campaign.

On a national level I have written to my local MSP Malcolm Chisholm, as well all the Lothian regional MSPs who have also responded with very positive messages of support for the campaign. I had a meeting with Mr Chisholm on Thursday 20th February 2014, where he added his signature to the Care.Fair.Share. pledge board.

I believe it is important to gain the support of all the decision makers in Scotland and raise as much awareness of the campaign as possible. I would urge all my fellow MSYPs to make contact with their local politicians and share the stories of young carers, making it clear that these young people need their support. I would also like to encourage everyone to go out and speak to groups of young carers as their stories are incredibly inspiring. Hearing first-hand the difficulties and hardship many of them face really highlights how important this campaign is and it has made me incredibly passionate to gather as much support as possible and make a real difference for young carers in Scotland.

You can pledge your support for Care.Fair.Share. by joining the SYP’s Thunderclap here.

Michael McNamara- My Experience as a Young Carer

Thursday, February 20th, 2014

Banner-Signed FinalI have been a young carer for around four years now and I enjoy the responsibilities which I take on. I look after my mother who has addiction issues. My day-to-day tasks can be extremely varied. I take on everyday chores such as checking the mail and cleaning the house, but sometimes my responsibilities become more of a challenge. There have been times where I have had to call for an ambulance because my mum has needed help.

As I mentioned, I do enjoy being a young carer and I take great pride in my role. However, sometimes it can also be very challenging. It can be exhausting, both physically and mentally. I am grateful for the level of support which I receive from my support worker and also my counsellor. They help ensure that I stay positive and do my best in my role, even through the challenging times.

I believe there is a lot that needs to be done to improve the standard of living for Scotland’s young carers. There is a lot of pressure on young people such as myself, and I feel that young carers are not recognised by key service providers across Scotland. I have been in situations where I have felt that there is very little recognition and knowledge of the extensive responsibilities and pressures facing young carers. Young carers need to be recognised and there must be accessible methods of support throughout Scotland.

As young people, we have a lot of big decisions facing us and therefore support is a crucial factor in ensuring we have access to the opportunities we wish to take on in order to live our lives to the full.

I have chosen to share my story in support of the Scottish Youth Parliament’s Care.Fair.Share. campaign. I believe in what the campaign stands for and the message that it doesn’t have to be like this. Care doesn’t have to mean compromise.

SYP are campaigning to alleviate the financial strain on young carers. In doing so the campaign is raising awareness of young carers like myself, who currently face compromise because of the responsibilities we take on in order to provide care and support for our loved ones. I’d like to encourage others to lend their support to this campaign and share your story. Make sure that young carers are visible and heard through this campaign and together we can make a significant change which will positively impact on the lives of these young people. You can pledge your support for Care.Fair.Share. by joining the SYP’s Thunderclap here.

Gary Paterson MSYP- Care. Fair. Share. Friday Focus

Friday, February 14th, 2014

The Care.Fair.Share. campaign is here! I have been busy promoting the campaign and encouraging people to show their support for young carers. I thought now would be a good time to update you on my campaign efforts and share ideas about how you can get involved.

Since the campaign launch on the 23rd of January, I have focused on getting the word out there on social media. I have been sharing photos, information, and links to the campaign using the #CareFairShare hashtag; if you are on twitter or facebook feel free to join in on the fun!

I have emailed my local MSPs to inform them about the campaign, providing them with information and links to the Scottish Youth Parliament website. I have used this campaign to let them know about the important work young carers do for their loved ones and for our country as a whole. You could get in touch with your own MSPs and tell them about the campaign launch and ask them to support our campaign.

I have met with a number of MSPs already to get their support. Two of Glasgow’s MSPs, Anne McTaggart and Bob Doris, both met with me in the Scottish Parliament to discuss the campaign and sign one of the Care. Fair. Share. pledge boards. You could ask your MSPs for a meeting and speak to SYP about getting a pledge board for you both to sign and share online!

I’ve also met with youth and student groups to talk about the campaign and get pictures of them signing the pledge board too; you could get in touch with groups you work with and ask for their support! You can also now download your own version of the pledge boards from the SYP website. Even if an opportunity comes up last minute you can use this resource to still gain signatures to the pledge boards and get involved in photo-sharing.

Finally, I have been working with local media to get some coverage of the campaign; if there is a local newspaper or student media in your school, college, or university you could get in touch with them to tell them about the campaign and ask other young people in your area to email their MSPs. You can contact SYP to find out about these opportunities and they will get in touch with journalists.

This is an exciting campaign and one that can make a massive difference for young people in our communities! I’m looking forward to seeing more of all of your exciting work to promote the campaign.

Gary Paterson MSYP

Lauren King- My Experience as a Young Carer

Wednesday, February 12th, 2014

Young carers are seen as a small minority in society; many people are completely unaware of their existence. However, this is a very unrealistic perception of the actual number of young people in Scotland who take on caring responsibilities. There is a growing 100,000 strong army of young carers – not to mention the young people who don’t identify themselves as being carers.

These selfless individuals do an outstanding job, day in and day out, to give undivided support and care to their loved ones. Young carers devote their time to caring. They do a very courageous and selfless deed for society, which saves our government significant amounts of money in caring costs. The task of caring is not always easy and children as young as five are taking on what can be a very difficult duty.

Young carers in Scotland can very easily find themselves struggling to make ends meet. They are in constant demand, often for 24 hours a day. School, college, work, social lives, and relationships- these aspects of everyday life become a struggle for many young people- not to mention the additional stress and worry that comes with the role of a carer.

The Scottish Youth Parliament has approximated that carers save the Scottish Government £10.3 billion every year through providing unpaid care. That is equivalent to the total cost of the NHS in Scotland. It is unfair that young carers in Scotland are facing compromise and finding themselves struggling to survive on a daily basis. Young carers have enough to worry about; they do not need this never-ending financial burden.

That’s why the Scottish Youth Parliament believes it is so important that we give something back to these young carers that give so much. Many people ask why I care so much about young carers and why the issue is so close to my heart. Well that’s all because of one little guy: my brother Ryan.

Ryan has had a significant impact on my life from the day he was born- and not only because it meant I wasn’t an only child anymore! Ryan has cerebral palsy, a form of brain damage which means he cannot do many things that we take for granted each and every day. His condition leads on to many other issues that affect his health, his ability to do things, and his overall understanding. Since I was seven-years-old my mum and I have been caring for Ryan. We work as a team, caring for Ryan around the clock.

Having first-hand experience of being a carer means I know exactly how difficult it can be. Ryan was always my priority whilst I was growing up.

No matter what I did, my brother was always on my mind. It’s like a natural instinct; you worry regardless of what anyone else tells you.

I was very fortunate as a young carer because my mum continuously supported me throughout everything. I became an MSYP, finished school, got into university and got a job, from all of which I gained experiences I could have only dreamt about! These opportunities have been life changing for me. However, I know that in reality many other young carers do not have these luxuries.

This only encourages me even more to stand up for this cause and ensure that a real difference is made to improve the lives of young carers.

By improving the financial circumstances for young carers, I strongly believe their lives will benefit in many different ways!

The Scottish Youth Parliament launched ‘Care. Fair. Share.’ on Thursday 23rd January 2014. The campaign’s focus is to alleviate the financial strain facing young carers.

MSYPs are campaigning on a national level, as well as in local areas throughout Scotland. I would like to encourage everyone to help raise awareness and continue to lend their support to this campaign. There are a lot of great opportunities to get involved and lend your support which you can find on the Care. Fair. Share. webpage.

By generating as widespread support as possible, we can work together and ensure we make a real difference for Scotland’s young carers.