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Just a week after its launch, Love Equally - the SYP’s campaign for marriage equality is already making the headlines and gathering support from hundreds of young people! This unexpected success has thrown up a new opportunity for SYP to take action and for MSYPs to support the campaign!

In the news and in Parliament

Over the weekend, you might have seen a number of stories in the press about a Parliamentary Motion that has provoked a lot of debate amongst MSPs. The motion, by John Mason MSP, follows the high public interest after our campaign launch. It appears to express concerns about people and organisations who do not agree with same-sex sexual relationships being ‘forced’ to be involved in or to approve of same-sex marriages.

We feel that the concerns expressed in Mr. Mason’s motion are unfounded - our vision would not force individuals and organisations to be involved in or approve of same-sex marriage, but believe that their opposition must not stand in the way of Scots who love each other from being allowed to marry. It appears that several MSPs agree with us – several have spoken out against the motion (click here for coverage from the Scotsman and here for the story from the BBC) and Patrick Harvie MSP has tabled an amendment that “considers that the balance between these views has changed substantially over recent decades… allowing same-sex marriage and mixed-sex civil partnerships would in no way undermine the rights and freedoms of those who do not wish to participate in them” echoes our call for the Government to hold a public consultation and congratulates the SYP’s campaign. You can read the motion and amendment by clicking here – they’re about halfway down the page.

Love Equally got a good mention on the BBC’s Newsnight Scotland on Monday 8th August, as well as an indication from the First Minister that the public consultation may be brought forward. John Mason appeared to be reassured that we would not force organisations to be involved in same-sex marriages that do not want to do so. Good news all round! You can watch the Newsnight clip on iPlayer by clicking here – it’s the first item on the show!


NEW – A quick way you can help support the campaign!

So far 30 MSPs have signed up to Patrick Harvie MSP’s amended motion in Parliament and shown their support for marriage equality and the ideas behind Love Equally. With the issue gathering support, we want to make sure that all MSPs know about Love Equally and that we want them to make marriage equality a reality as soon as possible!

Why not email your MSP to make sure they have signed up!  Don’t forget, you also have seven regional MSPs as well as your constituency one. If you arent sure how to do this, email

Any help you can give will help keep the issue high up on the politicians’ radar and let them know more about Love Equally.

Love Equally Petition – 800 strong and counting!

In its first week alone, there’s been a fantastic response to our petition to the Scottish Government to bring forward a consultation on marriage equality quickly. At the time of writing we have almost 300 responses online, and in a fantastic weekend at the Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival in the Highlands, over 500 young people signed in person! Photos from Belladrum – including support from top Scottish band Kassidy – will be appearing on our Facebook page soon.

If you haven’t signed the petition, or have some mates on Facebook who’d like to, what are you waiting for? Head over to to show your support, or pop up a link online to get that number even higher!

It’s been quite a first week and the support MSYPs have given Love Equally have already pushed it into the news and started making a case the politicians can’t ignore! Thanks for all your hard work so far – keep it up and we’ll make change happen!


Stay tuned to, Facebook and Twitter for all the latest as it happens!