The Scottish Youth Parliament holds elections every two years. The next elections to the Scottish Youth Parliament will take place in March 2015.

If you would like to register your interest in standing as a candidate, please complete the form to the left of this page.

Please note, your details will be passed on to your local Named Election Coordinators who run the elections locally.  They will contact you and support you through the process of standing as a candidate for the Scottish Youth Parliament elections.

“The Scottish Youth Parliament (SYP) represents Scotland’s young people.  Our democratically elected members, aged 14-25, listen to and recognise the issues that are most important to young people, ensuring that their voices are heard by decision makers.  We encourage all of Scotland’s young people to play their part in achieving our vision and provide a national platform for their participation in democracy.” 

The stated aim of the Scottish Youth Parliament (SYP) is to represent and promote the views of Scotland’s young people.  In seeking to achieve this, the organisation has adopted a quasi-parliamentary structure, with a standing body of members elected on a regular basis.  The organisation seeks to promote the values of democracy, inclusion, political independence and passion. 

The work of the SYP is designed to deliver five key objectives:

  • Affecting Change: A nation that listens to the voices of its young people.
  • Diverse Representation: All of Scotland’s young people are able to participate.
  • Positive about Young People: Young people are recognised as key contributors to Scottish society.
  • Developing Leaders: Through access to opportunities and training, our young people lead the way.
  • Celebrating Democracy: A strengthened relationship between young citizens and their political structures.

Since our inception over 1000 young people have become MSYPs.  


Please contact Jenny Mouncer, Development Manager, Scottish Youth Parliament for further details.


Information for Local Authorities and National Voluntary Organisations

Please download a copy of the Information Pack for Local Authorities and National Voluntary Organisations to get started.

The following documents are included in the pack but also available to download individually:

Candidate: Expression of Interest Form

You can ask young people to complete the paper form or direct them to this page to complete the information online. 

Candidate: Short Exercises

The Named Election Coordinators should ask prospective candidates to complete two written exercises to confirm their candidacy.  Please refer to the your Information Pack for Local Authorities and National Voluntary Organisations provided above for further details.

Candidate: Exercise One

Candidate: Exercise Two


Confirmed Candidates

SYP Elections 2015 Confirmed Candidates


Promotional Materials

You can download the promotional materials below:

Elections Leaflets

Elections Poster

Phase Two Elections Leaflets

Do you want to be an MSYP Powerpoint


Scottish Youth Parliament: Youth Engagement Team Booking form

The Scottish Youth Parliament Youth Engagement Team are available to support you throughout the elections process and can be booked to run sessions on a variety of topics, including the work of the Scottish Youth Parliament.

Youth Engagement Team Booking Form

You can find out more about our last election here.

Occasionally MSYPs have to stand down from their role.  In that case a by-election is held by the Local Authority. You can find out about by-elections here. 


You voluntarily choose to provide personal details to us via this website. You agree that such personal information may be used to provide you with details of Scottish Youth Parliament activities in writing, by email or by telephone. These details will also be shared with the Named Election Coordinators in your local area to enable them to contact you about the next steps of becoming a candidate. Personal information will be held by the Scottish Youth Parliament in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1988.