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The Scottish Youth Parliament was inaugurated in 1999 and in the time since it has been successful in fostering strong relationships with a number of important bodies, organisations and groups within Scotland, including the Scottish Government, Learning and Teaching Scotland, and the Scottish Commissioner for Children and Young People. It has become an established player in the youth policy arena and its staff and members continue to be invited to sit on various strategic boards, panels and committees as a leading voice of young people in Scotland. 

There is clear recognition that the Scottish Youth Parliament, through its democratic and youth-led structure, is an organisation well placed both to represent young people and to provide expertise on the issues which affect them.

As a result, the Scottish Youth Parliament holds a number of influential positions which it uses to promote the views of Scotland’s youth population and to make sure that young people receive fair and due attention in the policy making process.

A full list of the Boards and Committees which we sit on can be found below.

Cross-Party Working Group for Children and Young People, Scottish Parliament

Anti-Social Behaviour Advisory Panel, Scottish Government

Road Safety Strategic Board, Scottish Government 

Curriculum for Excellence Stakeholder Group, Scottish Government

Advisory Council, Learning and Teaching Scotland

School Inspection Framework Review, HMiE

Board Member, Young Scot

Board Member, Youthlink Scotland

Voluntary Organisations Chief Officers Group 

Youth Work and Schools Partnership

Child Policy Officers Network, Children in Scotland 

Training Forum, YouthLink Scotland 

Policy Forum, YouthLink Scotland 

Participation and Inclusion Group, Scottish Commissioner for Children and Young People 

Scottish Peer Education Network, FastForward 

Members Forum, YouthLink Scotland

Children’s Sector Forum, Children in Scotland