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The Scottish Youth Parliament is made up of 150 young people aged 14-25 from across Scotland who represent constituencies and national voluntary organisations. We have two elected Members of the Scottish Youth Parliament (MSYPs) per Scottish Parliamentary constituency, with another 50 from national voluntary organisations.

Please note that the names and boundaries of some Scottish Parliament constituencies have changed for this year’s election. The constituencies listed here are those from May 2011 onwards.More details are available on the website of the Boundary Commission for Scotland.

The Scottish Youth Parliament represents Scotland’s young people. Our democratically elected members listen to and recognise the issues that are important to young people, ensuring that their voices are heard by the government and formal decision makers.  

Our vision is of a stronger, more inclusive Scotland that empowers young people by truly involving them in these decision making processes.

We encourage all of Scotland’s young people to play their part in achieving our vision and as such, provide a national platform for your participation in democracy.

Please click on your constituency to contact your local MSYP. In your area there are a minimum of 2 MSYPS who you can contact.  



The Scottish Youth Parliament has members from diverse organisations across Scotland. To find out about organisations which are linked with the Scottish Youth Parliament you can click through the links below.

Our MSYP's from organisations are:

British Deaf Association: Scotland

We currently have no MSYPs from the British Deaf Association Scotland.

Girlguiding Scotland

We have two MSYPs from Girlguiding Scotland, Isla Whateley MSYP and Madeleine Brown MSYP.

LGBT Youth Scotland

We have two MSYPS from LGBT Youth Scotland, these are Nancy Russell MSYP and Chris Anderson MSYP. 


We have two MSYPS from Ouarriers, these are Yvette Hutcheson MSYP and Cherlene McKellar MSYP.    

Who Cares? Scotland

MSYP elections are scheduled for Who Cares? Scotland.

YMCA Scotland

We have two MSYPS from YMCA, these are Sarah Turner MSYP and David Cooke MSYP. 

Scripture Union Scotland

We have one MSYP from Scripture Union, this is Laurie Donaldson MSYP.

Church of Scotland

We have two MSYPS from Church of Scotland, Rachel Walker MSYP and Hannah Mary Goodlad MSYP.