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The Scottish Youth Parliament holds a very diverse demographic breakdown of membership, which is reflective of Scotland’s young people. We engage with more young people from hard to reach groups so that their voices are heard, their campaigns and issues are heard and they themselves are able to influence decision-makers. Young people that would not ordinarily participate in mainstream processes stand in the SYP elections in order to have their say. There is no other platform for young people to influence and become involved in democracy than through the work of the Scottish Youth Parliament.

Organisations which are members of the Scottish Youth Parliament:

Barnardo's Scotland

  • Contact Name: Selwyn McCauslan 
  • Tel: 0141 222 4700 
  • Email:

British Deaf Association: Scotland

We have one MSYP from the British Deaf Association, Alan Drew MSYP.

  • Contact Name: Sally Pritchard
  • Tel: 0141 248 5554 
  • Email:

FABB Scotland

  • Contact Name: Fiona Hird
  • Tel: 0131 475 2313
  • Email:

Girlguiding Scotland

We have two MSYPs from Girlguiding Scotland, Jean Oberlander MSYP and Rhona Smith MSYP.

  • Contact Name: Morna MacDonald
  • Email:

LGBT Youth Scotland

We have two MSYPS from LGBT Youth Scotland, these are Nancy Russell MSYP and Laura McLachlan MSYP. 

  • Contact Name: Paul Traynor
  • Tel: 0141 552 7425 
  • Email:


We have two MSYPS from Ouarriers, these are Yvette Hutcheson MSYP and Cherlene McKellar MSYP. 

RSPB Scotland

  • Contact Name: Joyce Gilbert
  • Tel: 0131 317 4100 
  • Email:

Scripture Union Scotland

We have two MSYPs from Scripture Union Scotland, these are Laurie Donaldson MSYP and Grant Brown MSYP

Who Cares? Scotland

We have one MSYP from Who Cares? Scotland, Melissa Marsden MSYP. 

  • Contact Name: Ray MacLean 
  • Tel: 01698 453 882 

YMCA Scotland

We haveone MSYPS from YMCA, Sarah Turner MSYP. 

  • Contact Name:  Jeanette Third 
  • Tel: 0131 228 1464
  • Email:

Whizz Kidz

We have two MSYPS from Whizz Kids, these are David Brockett MSYP and Arthur Lawson MSYP.

  • Contact Name: Fiona McNaught 
  • Tel: 0800 1513350  
  • Email: 

Scottish Epilepsy Initiative

We have two MSYPS from Scottish Epilepsy Initiative, these are Megan Miller MSYP and David Kerr MSYP.

  • Contact Name; Gemma O'Hare
  • Tel: 0141 248 9972
  • Email: