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We-CTV - 2010 - 2013


The top five films from each region that receive the most votes will progress to the final stage of judging - and all ten films will be screened at the We-CTV Premiere Awards Ceremony. We'll be announcing the successful films shortly.

To watch the films from Region 1 (North-East-Central) Click Here.

To watch the films from Region 2 (West) Click Here.



On the 6th of September 2012 the Scottish Youth Parliament launched We-CTV 2012/13.  This year's competition aims to be the biggest and best yet - with entries received from across the whole of Scotland.  

The project involves groups of young people aged between 11 and 16 working together to create an anti knife-crime ad designed to prevent other young people from ever picking up a knife. 

To see how the national stages of last year's competition worked, check out the YouTube video below...  


(If no video appears above then unfortunately YouTube is likely to be blocked, please contact your system administrator for further information.)

What is We-CTV and why did we start it?

The Scottish Government is committed to tackling the issue of knife crime in Scotland, through the No Knives Better Lives Initiative. The Scottish Youth Parliament has been an important supporter of this work and the young people of Scotland echo this stance, with our 2011 manifesto including the statement:

 “The solutions to solving the problem of knife crime lie in working with young people to tackle the root causes, not by imposing mandatory jail sentences on those caught carrying a blade.”

The SYP felt that there had to be a better way to engage young people in the issue - so, we created We-CTV.  In line with the SYP’s core values, the organisation was keen to reach out to young people to help deliver the solution and envisaged a project where young people could learn about the consequences of carrying a knife and could also teach others – importantly, though, they would be in control throughout.  We were also keen to ensure a legacy beyond the lifetime of the project, seeking to benefit more widely than those directly involved.

We-CTV is a project where young people use production events to learn the facts about knife crime and, in the form of a competition, produce short films to spread the message to their peers.  The programme has positive benefits far beyond those who directly participate.  Ultimately, the aim is to spread the message to as many young people as possible, educating them about the consequences in order to prevent young people from ever picking up a knife.

We-CTV has received outstanding feedback from all stakeholders and has been recognised by the Scottish Government as an example of innovative, successful engagement.  The project has now been run twice, initially in Glasgow and Renfrewshire in 2010 and then in all 10 Local Authorities involved with No Knives, Better Lives in 2011/12.  You can find out about the 2010 and 2011/12 projects by clicking on the relevant year or by using the links on the left.