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What We Do

In working towards its vision of a stronger, more inclusive Scotland in which young people are able to feel truly empowered, the Scottish Youth Parliament undertakes a wide range of activities. Often these focus on engagement with MSYPs but they can also involve work with Scotland’s wider youth population, the people who work with young people and key organisations and institutions in the youth work sector.

Some of the things we do include:

  • Campaigns – based on information gathered from consultations and MSYPs’ constituency work, the Scottish Youth Parliament identifies those issues which are important to young people and runs campaigns accordingly. This can include leading activities such as parliamentary and public petitions, media campaigns, outreach work and talking with decision makers.
  • Training – the Scottish Youth Parliament offers training to all its MSYPs whilst it also provides training outwith the organisation, for example to schools and pupil councils in areas where it can lend its expertise.
  • Research and consultations – research is carried out by the Scottish Youth Parliament on a number of topics. To support our MSYPs in their campaigning activities, the Scottish Youth Parliament staff research current policies and political developments, whilst also regularly conducting primary research through consultations, surveys and focus groups for our own reports, to support the work of our partner organisations, and to answer incoming requests for evidence.
  • Outreach work – the Scottish Youth Parliament conducts various outreach activities for example running workshops, supporting and leading on events and promoting the organisation at a variety of venues including festivals, schools, university fairs and youth clubs.
  • Representation – the Scottish Youth Parliament works hard to make sure that young people’s views are represented in the decision making process as well as wider society by giving them a chance to respond to relevant news stories, attend events and meetings, and/or have their concerns brought before parliamentarians through their contributions to the SYP Manifesto. 

By searching this website you can find full details on all of these areas of the organisation’s work, as well as information on the many other activities the Scottish Youth Parliament engages in.