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Who We Are

Our vision is of a stronger, more inclusive Scotland that empowers young people by truly involving them in the decision making process. We do this through our Members (MSYPs) who are elected young people aged between 14- 25 representing different areas and voluntary organisations from across the whole of Scotland. Every year we have at least three national meetings where we discuss issues which affect young people and try to propose new and sometimes radical solutions to these problems.

We are a young peoples parliament, designed by young people, led by young people and for the benefit of young people. The SYP is totally youth-led and all of our Trustees are 25 and under.  We listen to and recognise the issues that are most important to young people, and ensure that by representing them at a national level their voices are heard by government and formal decision makers.

We encourage all of Scotland’s young people to play their part in achieving our vision and provide a national platform for their participation in democracy. Working towards our aims, we promote the following values.


Organisational Structure


The Scottish Youth Parliament is made up of 150 young people aged 14-25 from across Scotland who represent constituencies and national voluntary organisations. We have at least two elected Members of the Scottish Youth Parliament (MSYPs) per Scottish Parliamentary constituency, with another 50 from national voluntary organisations. 

Board of Trustees

The Scottish Youth Parliament is governed by a Board of Trustees who meets 6 times per annum and is made up of 7 MSYPs including the Chair and Vice-Chair and up to 4 external members who act as professional advisors to the Trustees. An MSYP, who can demonstrate their commitment to the organisation at a strategic level, can submit their application to become a Trustee and are elected by MSYPs at our annual AGM held each June. 

  • Louise Cameron MSYP - Chair

  • Terri Smith MSYP - Vice Chair

  • Rachael McCully MSYP -Trustee

  • David Stewart MSYP - Trustee

  • David McLaughlin MSYP - Trustee

  • Sian Hughes MSYP - Trustee

  • Nairn McDonald MSYP - Trustee (Conveners' Representative)

Board meeting minutes

Board Meeting - 19th August 2014


Staff Team

To support the work of our MSYPs, the Scottish Youth Parliament employs a staff team based in its Edinburgh office.  Although MSYPs receive support from local workers, the SYP staff team in Edinburgh also provides support when MSYPs represent SYP in any media activity, national projects, groups and/or events.

Hamira Khan - Chief Executive

Projects Team:

Jenny Mouncer - Development Manager

Rosy Burgess - Events Officer

Claire Conachy - Projects Officer

Samantha Flood - Finance Executive

Kevin McKinley - Administration Assistant

Youth Engagement Team:

Jamie Dunlop - Youth Engagement Co-ordinator

Calum Ware - Youth Engagement Worker

Rhiannon Burney - Youth Engagement Worker

Public Affairs Team:

Gareth Brown - Public Affairs Co-ordinator (Policy and Research)

Rebecca Marek - Parliamentary and Campaigns Officer

Stephanie Brown - Communications Officer


Conveners Group


The Conveners Group is intended to co-ordinate and manage the workload of the Subject Committees. The membership is made up of the 10 Subject Committee Conveners. The SYP Vice Chair is also a non-voting member of the Group and facilitates its meetings. The Conveners Group also decides on which consultations SYP should respond to and contributes to the development of SYP’s campaigns. You can read more about the Conveners Group here, or about the role of Subject Committees here.

Committee Convener

Culture and Media

Thomas McEachan MSYP

Education and Lifelong Learning

Nicola Pringle MSYP


Nancy Russell MSYP

External Affairs

Ciaran Davidson MSYP

Health and Wellbeing

Kirsty Gardiner MSYP

Jobs and Economy

Nicole Dempster MSYP


Joshua McCormick MSYP

Social Justice

Nicola Bruley MSYP

Sport and Leisure

Mason Rowan MSYP

Transport, Environment, Rural Affairs

Nairn McDonald MSYP


Conveners Group Minutes

Conveners Group Meeting - 2nd August 2014

Procedures Group


The Procedures Group is made up of up to 5 MSYPs and was set up to ensure that young people are at the heart of considering any new policies and/or amendments to processes and systems that may be presented from time to time. It is their role to represent MSYPs and bring the ideas of young people forward to our Chief Officer.

Procedures Group Minutes


Procedures Group Meeting - 15th October 2013

Procedures Group Meeting - 27th January 2014