Brexit Advocacy Toolkit

As part of the Right Here, Right Now national campaign on young people’s rights, SYP felt that it was essential to have an objective to defend young people’s rights during the Brexit negotiations as part of its 'Advocacy' theme: to influence law, policy and practice in order to strengthen the protection of young people’s rights.

Members of the Scottish Youth Parliament's (SYP) External Affairs, UK and International Committee
Ross Greer MSPat SYP's 64th National Sitting in the Scottish Parliament in October 2017.


In this advocacy toolkit, the External Affairs, UK and International Committee will explain the clear aims and objectives of this toolkit and what they hope to achieve from these. It also includes analysis of the data which was drawn from the consultation conducted before SYP's 64th National Sitting at the Scottish Parliament in October 2017, in addition to questions that will be put to our decision-makers based on findings.

The EXA Committee hopes that through this advocacy toolkit, they accurately represent a snapshot of the views of Scotland’s young people during this period of uncertainty.

Click here to download the Brexit Advocacy Toolkit.

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