Could you be an SYP Mentor?

20 July 2017

More than 140 of the newly elected MSYPs are brand new to the Scottish Youth Parliament (SYP), and while this is an amazing opportunity for SYP in having such a new and fresh membership, it also poses a slight issue in terms of organisational memory and continuity.

In order to make the most of this exciting challenge, the Board of the Scottish Youth Parliament has created the role of an SYP Mentor.




SYP Mentors are MSYPs from the 2015-17 membership who will be paired up with a Mentee (current MSYP). They will be able to share the knowledge and experience gained from their terms with our new Members, as well as giving former MSYPs a chance to give something back to SYP.

It should be noted that this role does not entail advising the new membership, and all Mentors who are successful in their application will be required to attend mandatory training.

A Mentor (former MSYP) will support and guide a Mentee (current MSYP) to come to decisions by themselves. It is not for the Mentor to advise or suggest a course of action, rather to give relatable experience and to build a relationship based on respect and trust.

We are currently looking for volunteers from the 2015-17 membership to take on this role with the new 2017-19 membership.




We don’t intend to be overly prescriptive as to how the Mentor and Mentee relationships will work, as it needs to meet the needs of both. However, we would anticipate that Mentors would have regular online and telephone conversations with their Mentees, and with the occasional face-to-face meeting.  

Mentors will have a clear remit and will receive training in order to facilitate their role effectively.

Successful applicants will be invited to a training day on 9th September, 2017, at the Scottish Youth Parliament's office in Edinburgh. If you’d like to become an SYP Mentor, fill in the application (which can be downloaded here) and send it  to by Friday 18th August, 2017. SYP Mentors will be supported by Jenny Edwards, our new Training and Development Officer.

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