'Don't stress, just do your best'

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02 May 2017

As exams approach, the Scottish Youth Parliament's Education and Lifelong Learning Committee would like to give a few pieces of advice to the young people about to step foot inside that daunting exam room.

"One thing to remember is that exams do not determine your future life chances. It doesn't define your destiny. All you can simply do is the best that you can, and learn every time when exams come up how you can perform better. From personal experience, I'd strongly encourage everyone to take their time, read questions carefully and always look back at your answers." - Aqeel Ahmed (MSYP for Glasgow Pollok), Convener of the Education and Lifelong Learning Committee

"It's never too late to try and turn things around. There are always other options available to you if things don't go to plan." - Lewis Douglas (MSYP for Dumfriesshire)

"It's important young people remember that pain is temporary but grades are permanent. However, don't sacrifice your mental health for them. Remember to always take breaks and don't overload yourself." - Hazel Macaulay (MSYP for Midlothian)

"Don't leave revision till the last minute. Make sure you know your stuff well in advance of your exam. Cramming the night before isn't anything I'd recommend." - Ryan McQueen (MSYP for Aberdeen Central)

"Exams can be stressful, especially if it's your first lot and you're not sure what to expect. Many young people stress out over exams, but there is no need! There is lots of help around you from your teachers, family, and friends. Speak to them and let them know how you are getting on." - Reece Harding (MSYP for Clydesdale)

We hope this advice is helpful, and if you have questions or need support with your exams remember to speak to your teachers - they are there to help.

Don't stress too much, don't worry too much, just do the best you can, and on that note, we wish every young person the very best of luck with their exams!

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