The Scottish Youth Parliament is working in partnership with Children in Scotland and Young Scot on the 'excite.ED' project. The project aims to listen to the opinions of children and young people on how their experience in education can be improved, and report this information to the Scottish Government's review of school governance. 

The project will ask children and young people to give their opinions on the following areas: 

  • how schools can be enabled to be more involved in the decisions affecting them 
  • looking at making things fair and equal for children and young people involved in education 
  • empowering children and young people to be involved in decision making 
  • how the link between schools and the wider community can be strengthened   
  • looking at what support is needed more generally both within and out of an educational environment 
  • looking at developing the link between different schools in order to help each other progress towards these aims

For more information about the project, please contact SYP Project Manager, Mo Whelton