Heather Cameron MSYP's work with Action 2015

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Heather Cameron

18 February 2016

Heather_Cameron_motion_for_web.jpg Labour Leader, Kezia Dugdale MSP, Iain Gray MSP, Heather Cameron MSYP, and students from Heather's school in the Scottish Parliament


Throughout the past year, I have been fortunate to be involved in the work of the Action/2015 campaign. Action/2015 was a movement of more than 2000 organisations and charities from all over the world. The aim of the campaign was the establishment of ambitious and concrete new Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) by the United Nations, as a replacement for the Millennial Development Goals (MDG) that expired in 2015.

I was lucky to be told about the campaign at the very beginning of 2015, when a teacher at my school offered me the opportunity of being an Action/2015 ambassador. It was an amazing coincidence that one of the UK organisers had lived in Dunbar as a child, so she contacted her hometown to find an ambassador. Had she not done this, I would never have been able to get involved. 

On January 15th 2015, I joined other young people from across Britain to make a total of 15x15-year-olds to ask support from politicians for the launch of Action/2015 here in the UK. All over the world at the same time, similar groups of young people were launching Action/2015 to their own politicians; really showing the power people can have when they join together as one, as well as the important role young people had in the campaign.

As a result of Action/2015, the United Nations have endorsed 17 SDGs to take the world into 2030. These goals encompass more targets that their predecessors the MDGs, and are ambitious in what they aim to achieve. Next on Action/2015’s agenda was for world leaders to commit to the SDGs. Only with commitment can these goals be achieved.

To ensure that Scotland was as committed as possible to these goals, I met with my East Lothian representative, Iain Gray MSP. He put forth a parliamentary motion recognising the good work of Action/2015, and asking politicians around the world to commit to the SDGs. The motion was debated in the Scottish Parliament, and a SDG task force is to be put in place. It is my hope that young people will be invited to participate in this task force. Young people were one of the focuses of Action/2015, because we are the ones who will inherit the responsibility of looking after this planet, so we should be involved in the decisions being made now.

You can find the full motion lodged by Iain Gray MSP here. Please encourage your local MSP to support the motion.