MSYP Resources

Everything you need to know
about your role as an MSYP!


Essential Information 

How To MSYP: A handy guide through every element of what an MSYP does, and the structure of SYP.

Articles of Association: These are the official SYP Articles of Association.

MSYP General Consent and Waiver Form

Code of Conduct: This is the code that all MSYPs follow to ensure the safety and success of our organisation.

Drug and Alcohol Policy: This is the official policy regarding the use of drugs and alcohol during your term as an MSYP.

SYP Opportunities Policy: This document details how opportunities are made available to MSYPs.

SYP Policy Guide: This document details how SYP makes and passes policy.

Procedures Group Terms of Reference: This document outlines the role and responsibilities of the Procedures Group.

Information on SYPmail: A guide to the MSYP email system.

Template letter: An SYP-branded letter which you can easily edit/personalise for correspondence in your role as an MSYP.

Brand Guidelines for MSYPs: These are the guidelines which SYP would ask that you follow when producing content in your role as an MSYP. Please pay particular attention to the rules around use of SYP's logo.

SYP's filming tips: This one-page guide has some tips and advice for making short videos.

SYP Child Protection Policy 2013: SYP Child Protection Policy - Updated 2013. 

Subject Committee remits: This document outlines the issues which fall within the remits of SYP's Subject Committees.

SYP Consultation Guide for MSYPs: This document contains essential information MSYPs will need in order to carry out consultations. An easy read version is available here.


SYP67 - October 2018 Sitting

MSYP Pack: This is MSYPs' guide for the 67th National Sitting in October in Kilmarnock. All MSYPs were emailed copies of the pack on 21st September, but you can also download it here in the resources section of the website. For the designed version of the pack click here, and for the accessible version of the pack click here.

#WhatsYourTake survey: The #WhatsYourTake survey is for young people in Scotland aged 12-25 to complete, sharing their views on key issues which will then be fed back to decision-makers. If you are carrying out face-to-face consultation, click here to download paper copies of the survey in word, and click here to download the PDF version.

SYP67 Members' Motions (in order): So that you can start consulting with your constituents to find out their views on the issues before the Sitting, all of the proposed motions for the October 2018 National Sitting are listed in this document. A Word version of the document can be downloaded here.

SYP67 Members' Motions (additional information): This document contains further information about each of the Members' Motions to be debated at SYP67 in October. A summary of each of the Motions - listed in debate order - is also included in your MSYP Pack. A word version of the document can be downloaded here.

SYP67 Workshop sign-up information: This document contains information about each of the Consultation Workshops and Scottish Parliament Workshops at SYP67. MSYPs must sign up for the workshops by 9am on Monday 1st October 2018 - sign up here.


Governance Review 2018

In August 2018, SYP distributed a Membership Survey to all MSYPs, Support Workers and Youth Work Managers to inform the Board of Trustees where improvements in the way the organisation is run and operates could be made.

To view a summary of the results of the 2018 Membership Review, click here.