My work experience week with SYP

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Scottish Youth Parliament

20 October 2017

My work experience week with SYP
written by Erin Conner
(S4 pupil at Newbattle Community High School)

Hi, I’m Erin Conner and I recently spent a week at the Scottish Youth Parliament (SYP) doing work experience.

On Monday 2nd October when I arrived at the SYP office, Jenny (Training and Development Officer) briefly introduced me to everyone that was in the office. Shortly after that, I had a short meeting with everyone there to talk about what they did in their job and how I would be working with them over the course of the week.

 Erin_Twitter.jpgErin manning SYP's Twitter account.


My first task was to read the leaflet about SYP Manifesto. Then later on that day, I helped Kirsty with the Members' Motions PowerPoint and the display board for the National Sitting, which takes place over the weekend of 27th and 28th October at the Scottish Parliament.

On my second day I got to take over the SYP Twitter for an hour ,which was really fun as I got to put up tweets and reply to everyone. In the afternoon, I was with Laura (Public Affairs Officer), and I got to take part in two conference calls, taking notes. I also helped put together the joint committee session plan templates.

On Wednesday, I helped Jenny prepare the lanyards for the UKYP House of Commons trip which takes place in November. I also researched the contact details for universities and colleges in Scotland contact details, organising them in a spreadsheet.

On my fourth day in the SYP office, I was introduced to Rosy (Events and Campaigns Officer) who'd been on annual leave during the first half of the week, so I had a short meeting with her to see what she does in her job and to check in on how my week was going so far. After that I finished the spreadsheet for Jenny. Then  Kirsty (Admin and Policy Assistant) went to First Minister's Questions at the Scottish Parliament, which was very interesting to see. Later that day I helped Kirsty and Rosy do put together the registration form for the Sitting.

Erin outside the Scottish Parliament.

On my final day of the week I finished the registration forms and then Laura, Mo (Project Manager) went to the Scottish Parliament for a tour of the building which good and interesting. Now, I'm writing this blog.

I had such a good week learning about, and working for, SYP for my work experience. The staff at the office are so nice and lovely. I started the week very excited to see what it was like working for SYP and now I’m glad that I came here as it is such a good and positive environment to be in. I'd like to say thank you to everyone in the office for being so nice, and for welcoming me through the week .