Our Structure


Chair, Vice Chair, and Trustee Elections


The Scottish Youth Parliament is proud to be a youth-led organisation and it is important that our Board are young people from within our membership. The Board comprises a Chair, a Vice Chair, and five Trustees (one of whom will be elected from the Conveners Group at their first meeting), advised by professional external advisors.

The SYP Chair, Vice Chair, and Trustees are elected annually. Elections are held at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) which takes place at the Summer Sitting, with the exception of the one Trustee who is elected by the Convenors’ Group.

All potential candidates for election to the Board submit a written statement in advance, and their local authority or national voluntary organisation are asked to provide a reference. The elections are conducted using the Scottish STV voting system.

The Board is responsible for the governance of the Scottish Youth Parliament, which is a serious undertaking. All applicants will be scrutinised and interviewed by an Assessment Panel before they can stand for election by their fellow MSYPs, as laid out in the Articles of Association.  

At the AGM, all MSYPs present will be able to vote for their preferred candidates. Those MSYPs who cannot attend will be able to nominate a proxy. Information on the AGM and on proxy voting will be issued to MSYPs ahead of the AGM. For further information about the SYP AGM, please contact Ben McKendrick at ben.m@syp.org.uk.