Speak Your Mind Research Survey

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Martin Gallacher

17 March 2016

SYP_Speak_Your_Mind_Logo.pngSpeak Your Mind is the Scottish Youth Parliament’s current national campaign, selected by the Members of the Scottish Youth Parliament at our National Sitting in October 2015.

The aims of Speak Your Mind are to increase the awareness of young people’s mental health problems, advocate for high-quality mental health services, and combat the negative stigmas that often surround mental health.

Celebrity, Stephen Fry said, "1 in 4 people, like me, have a mental health problem. Many more have a problem with that." For me, this statement sums up the lack of knowledge and education about mental health problems in our society.

Having a mental health problem isn’t anything to be ashamed of, and we shouldn’t be embarrassed to talk openly about our knowledge and experiences. Why are we sometimes more comfortable to talk about our physical health, but not our mental health. Speak Your Mind wants to open up communication around mental health. 

The first phase of our campaign is about gathering research. We want to gain insight into young people’s awareness and experience of mental health services and information across Scotland. We want young people’s voices and experiences to contribute to improving and expanding the services available to them. As a fundamentally rights based organisation, we strive for a Scotland that listens to, values, and encourages the participation of our young people. We want young people’s voices to be heard on this issue, and therefore we want them to complete our Speak Your Mind research survey.

The results of the survey will be presented to the decision makers and elected leaders to ensure young people’s voices are heard. If you are aged 12-25, please complete the survey which you can find here. 

Find out more about the campaign here. 

- Martin Gallacher MSYP is the Convener of the Health and Wellbeing Committee