"SYP made me feel like I was part of something big"

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11 October 2016



SYP Elections are coming up in March 2017, and the call for candidates is going on NOW! Former SYP Chair, Louise Cameron blogs about her experiences at SYP, and how her life has been changed as a result. 

You can register your interest to stand as an MSYP HERE


Louise Cameron writes:

My name is Louise Cameron, and I am a former Chair of the Scottish Youth Parliament (SYP), an organisation which has changed my life for the better and given me a wide range of skills and knowledge, as well as a huge amount of confidence.

After joining SYP, I went to my first Sitting and would jump when people said my name. After 4 years in the organization I left as the leader, with enough confidence that I felt, with the support of SYP, I could have done anything. Speaking to parliamentary committees or in the House of Commons, talking to politicians and even the First Minister, and giving speeches to hundreds of people had become normal parts of my life. I have to give all the credit for my confidence to SYP. Without it I would not have met some of my best friends, or the people who really showed me how much I was capable of. The organisation showed me that it was possible to change the world, one little bit at a time.

SYP really awoke my interest in politics, and I think that if I had not joined I would have struggled to know what I wanted to do in life. Although I am still not a member of any political party, it gave me the confidence to go on and do political research as a job.

Probably my proudest moments in the organisation were when I spoke to the parliamentary committees on same sex marriage in Scotland, as well as on Votes at 16. These experiences allowed me to have a direct part in helping to shape Scotland’s future for the better. The fact that 16-year-olds have a vote in Scotland now, and that SYP played a massive role in achieving that result is amazing. That I was the one delivering the views of Scotland’s young people to the Smith Commission on the topic, made me extremely proud and it remains as one of my proudest achievements.

Overall my experience in SYP made me feel like I was a part of something big that was working towards creating a better Scotland. The friends and memories have stayed with me even after I have left the organisation and I imagine will influence me forever. 

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