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06 June 2017

Candidates for the role of Trustee


There are four vacancies for the role of Trustee on SYP's Board.

Trustees are required to put the interests of their charity before their own interests or those of any other person or organisation; operate in a manner consistent with the charity's purposes, carrying out their duties in accordance with their governing document; take such care of their charity's affairs as is reasonable to expect of someone who is managing the affairs of another person;  and ensure that the charity complies with the provisions of the Charities and Trustee Investment (Scotland) Act 2005 and other relevant legislation. 
The candidates for the role of Trustee (in alphabetical order) are as follows:


Heather Cameron MSYP


I have been an enthusiastic and active member of SYP for two years, during which I have taken on opportunities such as representing SYP at a Scottish Parliament Brexit Committee. As MSYP for East Lothian, I have helped to set up and maintain a Youth Council to bring SYP’s national campaigns to a local level. We organised a positive mental health week for youth groups and high schools throughout the area to promote Speak Your Mind.

As part of Poverty: See it Change it, we produced a documentary exploring how poverty affects education, and presented it at the Scottish Parliament to stakeholders and to contribute to a local poverty commission. My work with the Procedures Group encouraged me to take on more responsibility within SYP as well as continue local work. I am inspired to be your Trustee, because I am passionate and dedicated to the life-changing work of SYP.


Emily Davies MSYP

Being someone who is an active role model in the community is vital to fulfil the role as an MSYP and the position of Trustee whether that community is Dumfriesshire or SYP. I have gained important communication and motivational skills through my volunteering as a coach with my local cheerleading programme, enabling me to network with my fellow MSYPs and other stakeholders.

Sitting on local committees and taking part in community projects has provided me with the leadership and team work skills to take on this role within our organisation. Being persistent, thoughtful and decisive will allow me to act as a champion for the membership and all of Scotland’s young people. MSYPs are so special in collating young people’s voices to make a real difference and for me as a Trustee; that is what will guide my work in partnership with the rest of the board.


Reece Harding MSYP

I have had a lot of experience in different areas through my work as a youth councillor. I have the ability to organise meetings, ensure action points are acted upon and I have a great understanding of SYP. My own personal job at the Scottish Parliament has also helped me with most, if not all the roles required from a trustee.


Being a MSYP has also allowed me to identify the areas needed for improvement such as member’s motions and opportunities available for MSYPs in the rural areas. My previous experience within the organisation and locally with my youth council have increased my confidence, my communication skills and my social skills, giving me the core skills to meet the demands of an elected board member, able to juggle company business with the day to day work of an MSYP as well as continuing to offer open support to the membership.


Thomas McEachan MSYP


I have been an MSYP for four years and I believe that my lengthy experience of SYP will be my greatest asset as a Trustee and as Chair. My experience as the Communications Trustee means that I know how to ensure that the Board is as productive, accountable and approachable as possible.

Having held nearly every position in SYP, I know this organisation like the back of my hand - its structures, intricacies, strengths and weaknesses - and I am certain that I will be able to put this knowledge to good use. I am certain that if we MSYPs work together and turn our collective passion into meaningful action, we can achieve anything we set our minds to.

I believe that with my experience, my drive, and my vision for SYP I can ensure that, as your Chair, this next year is the best year SYP has ever had.


Jamie Murray MSYP

I’ve always had a genuine desire to influence positive change for young people. From campaigning for improvements to my local mental health services to arguing for opportunities to raise hopes for young people from rural communities or fighting for votes at 16, I’ve always argued with passion and with respect.

By representing young people, the image we output affects everyone. We can influence real change and we must always conduct ourselves with enthusiasm and with a positive attitude towards the challenges we, as Scotland’s young people, face. I would be honoured to lead by example.

As Head Boy of my school, Staff Sergeant in the Army Cadet Force and as a member of the eighth Commonwealth Youth Parliament, my resilience in fast-paced and high pressure working environments has developed and my ability to work to strict deadlines will serve me well as your Trustee at SYP.


Jack Norquoy MSYP

I would describe myself as a confident, approachable and outward looking individual.  Having been an active member of SYP and UKYP for two years, I believe I have the experience, knowledge and passion to effectively carry out the responsibilities of Vice Chair and Trustee. 

I have always sought to be a strong and active voice within my community, which was recognised by being awarded MSYP of the Year 2016.  Having stood at the House of Commons Despatch Box representing Scotland in the UKYP Sitting, this has given me the confidence I believe would equip me well to take on such an important SYP leadership role. 

Experience of managing a Young Enterprise I believe further equips me well for effective team-working and chairing meetings.  Overall, I am passionate about the continued success of SYP and I’m ready to offer my full commitment to ensuring all young people in Scotland are heard.


Danyaal Raja MSYP 


Having been a Member of the Executive of the Glasgow Youth Council (GYC), an organisation of fifty members, for the last eleven months as both Secretary and now Chair, I believe that I have both the experience and the qualities that put me in good standing to be a Board Member.

During my time as a Member of the GYC Executive, I have shown that I am a team player, but I can also be a leader when I am required to be, always acting in the best interests of the organisation and its members.

I can work with anyone, and I am confident, organised, approachable and understanding – all qualities which I have been able to develop through the GYC and which I now believe would enable me to be a successful Board Member – always putting the organisation first, but knowing when to ask for help.


Sonny Tomason MSYP Elect

One of the main reasons why I want to be an MSYP Trustee to further represent all young people and not just ones in my constituency and this is because I think it is important that the views of young people are heard as they are often misunderstood or not listened to.

I follow current affairs closely in my area and have been heavily involved in business, sports, journalism and work in the public sector and due to this experience, this gives me a good outlook on many different aspects of life. Therefore I feel I would be a good voice for many young people in Shetland.

I am also a very good listener and a very pro-active person I am also very approachable, confident and sociable I think young people should have a voice and be heard in this ever-changing environment that we now live in where there are now so much more opportunities.


Suki Wan MSYP 


With two years of experience as an MSYP, I am well-equipped to serve the membership as Vice Chair. In my past year as Deputy Convenor of the Equalities Committee, I have displayed strong leadership, effective teamwork and organisation.

I have spent the past eight months on the Scottish Government’s Equally Safe board and this shows my proven record of being an effective representative of the organisation who is constantly advocating for young people and strengthening their ability to advocate for themselves. Throughout my work as an MSYP I always strive to keep the core values of SYP at the heart of my work.

I am immensely proud to be a part of SYP, and as Vice Chair I want to ensure each and every MSYP feels they can say the same by making sure we have the space to flourish and grow both as individuals and as the Scottish Youth Parliament.