SYP Vice Chair set to serve on Scottish Government’s gender inequality advisory council

20 November 2017

SYP Vice Chair set to serve on Scottish Government’s
gender inequality advisory council


The Vice Chair of the Scottish Youth Parliament (SYP) has been included in an advisory group which will inform the Scottish Government on the action needed to tackle gender inequality.

Suki Wan MSYP (Glasgow Shettleston) will join The Advisory Council on Women and Girls for a minimum of three years, and is one of three group members under the age of 20.


 Suki_Wan.jpgSuki Wan MSYP, Vice Chair of the Scottish Youth Parliament


The Advisory Council on Women and Girls will bring attention to inequality, as experienced by women and girls in Scotland today; champion policies that make a meaningful difference, encouraging Scotland to become a beacon for gender equality; and be a catalyst for change, providing a challenging voice if progress is slow or ineffective.

Suki is well-versed in issues surrounding gender inequality, having served on the Scottish Government’s joint strategic board for Equally Safe, which sets out the country’s strategy to take action on all forms of violence against women and girls.

Serving alongside Suki on the Advisory Council are members from the third sector, government and business, including 15-year-old Amina Ahmed from the Scottish Government’s Fairer Future Codesign Panel, Kara Brown from World YMCA, and Scotland’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr Catherine Calderwood.

Suki told us: “I'm absolutely delighted to have been asked to join the Advisory Council on Women and Girls. It's fantastic to know that the voices of young women and girls will have direct representation on this group, and I can't wait to start working with the amazing range of women on the Council. 

“There is much to be done around gender equality currently in Scotland, and a real culture change is overdue in order for us to live in a fair and equal society for all. Consultations and discussions that SYP have had with our constituents have shown a real lack of equality in many spheres of life, including young women not feeling safe in public spaces and having to deal with sexualisation and harassment from a young age. 

“The recent public discussions around sexual harassment in school and in the workplace, women in the workplace, and media representations of gender, show a real impetus and need for change and I hope that the Advisory Council will be able to play a key role in working with the Scottish Government to push for that culture change to take place."

The Advisory Council, chaired by Louise Macdonald OBE, is responsible for setting its own agenda and business, and will consider the need to request the collection or commissioning of new analysis. Evidence and insight will be gathered and discussions recorded, from all over Scotland, leading to recommendations for action, which will be shared with the First Minister and her Cabinet and made public.

The first meeting of the Advisory Council will take place on 6th December, 2017.