Welcome to our new website!

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Katie Burke

16 December 2015


As Vice Chair of the Scottish Youth Parliament (SYP), I couldn’t be more excited to welcome you to our new website!  I'm sure you will agree that the site has a new look and a more modern feel.  The new site was designed with the feedback from Members of the Scottish Youth Parliament (MSYPs) in mind.  MSYPs told us that they wanted more photos and images, and that they wanted the content to be more straightforward and easier to find.  This site does all that and more.

In addition to the updated information and new look, there are other amazing things you will find on this site.  We are premiering a film called All About SYP on our homepage.  This film was made by Trina Mckendrick and Kev Theaker (www.trinamckendrick.com) from footage they recorded at the 58th SYP National Sitting in East Renfrewshire.  This film explores what being an MSYP is really about, and how the experience of being an MSYP is shaping and improving the lives of young people across Scotland. Thank you to all the MSYPs that took part in this, your interviews were really touching and remind us all the effects our work has, both personally and for the young people we represent.

The site will also feature a Members section.  This is a section of the website that will only be accessible to MSYPs and Support Workers.  This space is where we can access the information and materials that aid us in our work, but may not be relevant to the general public.  To be able to access this area of the site, you will need to sign up.  Just enter your details in the signup bar on the right of the screen.  A member of SYP’s staff team will verify you and connect you to your member profile.  You will then be able to log into the site and access everything!

There are so many fantastic features of our new site, and we will all be developing new and innovative ways to use them over time.  For now, have a browse through, check out all the information, and get inspired by this new platform that will showcase the amazing work of our parliament.