Year of Young People 2018


Year of Young People 2018


In 2015 the Scottish Government commissioned Children in Scotland, Young Scot and the Scottish Youth Parliament to work with young people to co-design recommendations for the Year of Young People 2018.

The partnership recruited and supported an interim planning group of 18 young people aged eight to 22 to work with their peers and stakeholders and report their recommendation

The final report set out four themes for the Year of Young People 2018:

  • Participation – looking at how young people can influence public services and decisions which affect their lives.

  • Education – creating a stronger role for young people in shaping their learning.

  • Health and Wellbeing – supporting young people to lead healthier, active lives and have opportunities to learn about and improve their mental health and resilience.

  • Equality and Discrimination – broadcasting the values of young Scots, challenging negative perceptions of young people, and supporting young people to take leading roles in challenging discrimination in all its forms.

 In addition to this, the 2018 Year of Young People Advisory Board agreed two further themes should be included to highlight to additional areas important to young Scots.

  • Enterprise and Regeneration – celebrating young people’s role in innovation, entrepreneurship and Scottish economy as well as making Scotland a greener and more pleasant place to live.

  • Culture – celebrating young people’s talent and contribution to Scottish culture and arts.


In April 2017 the partners recruited a group of young people from across Scotland to be part of a group who will be making decisions about Scotland’s Year of Young People (YoYP) 2018.

The group, called Communic18, will be co-design champions for the whole of the Year of Young People and will be involved in making key decisions about the celebratory year. Members of the Communic18 group will support activity in local authority areas, supervise the year’s six themes, and help to spread the word about the Year of Young People and how to support it in local communities.

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