Youth Work and Me

Youth Work and Me

We all know that Youth Work Changes Lives. But how has it changed yours?

Our current youth work campaign, Youth Work and Me, aims to celebrate and showcase youth work, to shout about the impact youth work has had on our lives, and to share our views for the future of youth work.

Earlier this year, 116 young people took part in an online survey to tell us about their experiences of youth work in Scotland.

Through this survey, we found:

1. Youth work is important because it gives young people opportunities, support, greater confidence and self-esteem, friendship, skills, a voice, access to non-formal education, and independence.

2. If youth work did not exist, young people think there would be:

  • More isolation, crime and anti-social behaviour, boredom, mental health problems, poverty, and deaths.
  • Less opportunities, support, confidence, youth-led change, friendships, independence.

3. Youth workers in Scotland go above and beyond to support, inspire, and empower young people, and young people really value the work they do.

4. To make a positive change to youth work in Scotland, young people would like to see more funding, awareness of youth work opportunities amongst young people, accessibility of youth work, youth workers, opportunities for young people, and training for youth workers.

Find out what else young people told us in our Youth Work and Me report here. The easy read version is available here.

As a rights-based organisation, SYP calls on all decision-makers to ensure young people’s views and experiences are considered when developing future budgets, allocating resources, and carrying out planning.

How can you get involved in the Youth Work and Me campaign?

  • Share three photos that show what youth work means to you on social media, using the hashtag #YouthWorkAndMe.
  • Email a copy of the Youth Work and Me report to your local Councillors, MSPs, and MPs, tell them about your experiences of youth work, and ask them to make sure they’re involving young people when they are making decisions about youth work budget, plans, and resources.
  • Find out about youth work opportunities, go along to a local youth club, or sign up to volunteer with a youth work organisation in your area.

If you have any questions about the Youth Work and Me campaign, please contact Rosy Burgess, SYP's Events and Campaigns Officer, at

The Youth Work and Me campaign has been developed by ten MSYPs in SYP’s Youth Work and Me working group.

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