Year of Young People Evaluation Report


2018 - Year of Young People

As part of the Scottish Government’s programme of themed years, 2018 has been identified as the Year of Young People, aiming to celebrate the very best of Scotland and its young people. To start the journey towards 2018, the Scottish Government commissioned Children in Scotland, the Scottish Youth Parliament and Young Scot to engage with young people to co-design what shape the Year should take. The partnership recruited and supported an Interim Planning Group (IPG) of 18 young people, aged 8 to 22, to lead a process of engagement with their peers and stakeholders across Scotland. This process would enable them to make informed recommendations for a vision for the 2018 Year of Young People. With the support of the partners, the IPG planned and facilitated three regional Discussion Days and one National Event. The regional events explored participants’ views, experiences, insights and ideas. The National Event showcased these findings and encouraged participants to further drill down into the aims and objectives to be set for the 2018 Year of Young People. Scottish Government officials and Ministers have been involved in these events, listening to young people from across Scotland to hear what their hopes and aspirations are for the 2018 Year of Young People. Engagement through events has also been complemented by engagement of young people and stakeholders through digital channels. The commitment of the Scottish Government to collaborate with young people on the journey to 2018 and beyond is part of Ministers’ wider ambition to allow all children and young people to enjoy their rights and be fully involved in matters that affect them at a personal, local and national level.

This report presents the reflections of the Interim Planning Group on the engagement process and their recommendations for the Minister for Children and Young People.

Please find the full report here.